Another peep into the crazy world of me through my pics my poems and other stuff i have gathered along the way here. I hope I am not the only one to find them interesting.

Sunday 5 August 2007


I threw a stone into the sea
And watched the ripples that it made

From the tiny puncture site
That marked its landing

I watched the circles grow
Spread far and wide

And all created
By one tiny stone

I'd like to make a mark in life
To leave one thing to carry on
To say that I was here.

Tuesday 10 July 2007


I see your face within my dreams
But never see you smile
I never get to kiss your lips
Or touch you with my fingertips
Still I feel you close beside me
Your heartbeat echoes mine
Our pulses race in unison
Sensations so Divine
The memory's but a shadow
That I see in my dreams
A multi coloured cobweb
That dances shines and gleams
Our worlds met and touched breifly
Lightening lighting up the sky
Emotions flared within my heart
That will live until I die.

Friday 22 June 2007


I recall all the nights I spent waiting for you
Watching and waiting, my hands turning blue
I saw you, you entered that house on our street
And so I would wait and by chance we would meet
I grew used to waiting, just waiting for you
Squeezed into doorways my hands turning blue
Hiding from people i'd no wish to see
And hoping that nobody would notice me
At last you'd emerge an image in blackH
Framed in the doorway the light to your back
Lifting your hat you would bid friends "goodnight"
Then slowly down their front steps you'd alight
I'd then make my move in this meeting of chance
Walk in your direction 'till at me your'd glance
You see me, you greet me and i see your smile
You hold out your hand "Come walk with me a while"
How happy I am now that i'm by your side
Drinking in pleasure like a milk thirsty child
I know we were different yet so much the same
Seizing moments together whenever they came
Contented and happy just to be with each other
Like a child safe and warm in the arms of a mother
But then came the change, it began to go bad
We both wanted things that could never be had
Your path had been chosen before I came along
And you said to continue would be doing wrong
Two people cheated by the cruel hand of Fate
One born too early the other too late.

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